CPAP Compliance Education

Available so far in North Texas, the free PAP Sleep Compliance Education helps patients better comply with positive airway pressure (PAP) therapy. Our qualified Sleep staff have worked with hundreds of CPAP users and are available to answer your questions and help solve problems with your PAP equipment, providing both practical advise and expert recommendations.  Short one-on-one sessions are now available free of charge in two locations.

The compliance educations sessions are available at Soutlake, TX (910 E. Southlake Blvd Ste 165, Southlake TX 76092) and Irving, TX (701 Tuscan Drive Ste 280, Irving TX 75039).

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To schedule an appointment, first select your preferred location.  Then you may sleect your slot in the calendar on the next window (you'll need an email address for confirmation):

Please bring your PAP machine and mask if you have one.

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